How French Foreign Policy makes them less safe and more poor

Today I want to write about how France’s foreign-policy is destroying their economy.  This is one of the most under look reasons that the French economy is absolutely sucks. Every time French money it’s export it into another country to economic motives choir is decimated a little bit and all that money that is spent by French troops living on bases in places like Mali and other countries which they intervene in military bases in, Olivia has one of them, they don’t get that money spent back in the French economy. Another huge reason that the French military complex is driving with the French economy is sucking is that money spent on war and doesn’t description is not constructive buys nature. If you go to school and you build that school, you invest in the future education of thousands millions possibly of students. That’s very life-giving. It has a chance to improve the economy. It has a chance to help people grow intellectually. It has the chance to educate them but the people in power don’t want that. They want you to stay dumb down. That’s why they control the French education. Will tell you that the French government never did anything wrong ever and to not question authority to just do as you’re told.

What a bunch of BS.

So anytime this foreign-policy gets it Vance, not only does the French Econmy suck, but France becomes more dangerous. That’s because of all of the previous articles here, here, and here that I’ve written about the crappy politics of Friends because they have horrendous leaders that are psychopathic so insecure Satanic I’ll call Dick bastards and bitches who are doomed and less they repent. Is been a ton of Tara text lately and France this is directly related to blow back. Nobody wants to talk about this because everybody wants that but all the Muslims are bad. Nobody wants to talk about what created ISIS (hint: it was the Iraq war and then leaving Iraq the crazy vacuum they create the fundamentalism is now USISthat kind of used to be I’ll Qaeda so it’s a full complicated freaking mess.)

So anyways this upcoming election cycle, if you really want to vote for health economy, you’ll vote for somebody that understands how foreign-policy affects the economy… But good luck finding that person. There’s no chance in hell that somebody running against the matrix in the system of structure and power would ever be on the ballot, let alone actually win office. That would never happen because the powers that be would not let that happen. They know that floating doesn’t really matter. I mean what do you really get when you vote? You get people like fucking Trump?

Are you serious??

That’s like voting for stalling or Hitler. Or Gangaa scone or now is a dong unbelievable that people who are just like sheep, citizens of France, stupid motherfucking socialist dumb Fox, except this bullshit in the pantry. It’s really pathetic in my opinion in the French people should be ashamed of themselves. Absolute shame that they let themselves get trampled upon my socialism does not work incentivizes laziness it steals from the producers that actually can create wealth throughout the world and in the front you thought of me. And I pardon my French so scary for my language but I just get so fired up at the stupidity of the French politics, French monetary policy, French foreign policy as well.

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Irrationality of French central banking

Central banks everywhere destroy economies. This is one of the most under looked underlying reasons of the distraction of the middle class in France and basically everywhere else. If you know little bit about central banking, it is basically a cartel. In a legal monopoly on the most important commodity in economy-which is money. In order for an economy to be healthy, you must have a healthy currency. It healthy medium of exchange. And when you do not have that you have underlying problems that can be addressed. Think about it in terms of medicine. If you treat the symptoms and not the underlying causes, you’re going to not have a lot of success. That’s like saying oh OK, this person has inflammation of the whatever. We’re going to give that person medications for the information. But most medical practitioners won’t even look at what’s causing the inflammation which most times can be fixed my food, supplements or changes in exercise patterns. The same thing goes with central banking. Because of so many bubbles. Is because of the manipulation of interest rates and the non-competition of currencies. Moore’s law states that the best money will always went out. For example, when silver was taking out of the money supply in coins United States after 1965, all of the good coins with silver in them got taken out of circulation because people knew the both of the most value. So if there was a competing Currency such as something backed by gold or silver or something saying-a.k.a. sound of money. Most people would probably put their money into sound money.

I men who wants to have their savings eaten away by inflation. And what that is is a tax. It’s a tax on mostly poor people, and those on fixed incomes which are mostly poor people, and elderly. If you read about how the central bank of United States also known as the Federal Reserve came about it was in the seat. Bunch of rich folks met on Jekyl island and they connived Congress in the passing of the bill in 1913 that con them two days before Christmas when hardly anyone was there. And they said they are doing it for the people want to prevent crisis is like the economic panic of 1907. And guess who caused the regression? Yes it was the phones are. It was the expansion of credit that was not. Market driven, which in all industries cause the nationwide depression. It wasn’t because of not enough regulation or whatever stupid fucking liberals want to tell you. It was because of the expansion of credit and you can read about that all throughout the Internet. And when credit is cheap, business owners take out loans.

This is easy money so that businesses expand artificial. This is horrible because it does not represent through economic growth. This is what’s happening in France and all other western countries have a central bank which is everyone except for 100 in the world now doesn’t which is the peoples democratic republic of North Korea.

So, back to the analogy that the symptoms being treated is not as good as string the car. So when the Federal Reserve has a budget of $400 million and has over 400 PhD’s studying economy and you mean to tell me that nobody would’ve predicted in a recession was coming and going to crash was coming first in the housing market in 2007 and then the financial collapse into thousand and eight? There is just no way for me to believe if possible only however, if the economist are starting the wrong thing. The not even aware and alert of what in the hell is going on then. And what you see is a distortion of all markets. Homebuilders think that economy is good because interest rates are low and everyone’s building houses in buying. Because it’s cheap. Funding for other businesses such as tech businesses are healthcare industry is easily available so everyone’s taking out loans to expand their business. And when all the bubbles burst at once then we have a recession more angry hey depression. And that shouldn’t be the case for sustained economic growth. The depression should not affect the entire country. If there is a recession in the north east because credit was too easily available in the market she just corrected itself, and those deaths should be wiped away via liquidation in bankruptcy and economy gets back to normal. But when every single industry it’s too much credit because of deceit artificially low interest rates bubbles happen that’s what creates the boom and bust cycle, and there is not true economic growth. Multiply this by the fact that the Federal Reserve when’s my federal government and we have disaster on our hands. When that is created out of thin air and loan to the government, the people end up paying a lot of interest back to the Federal Reserve is unnecessary.

If it was a just and sustainable economic and political system, the federal government would take their fees from taxes and we would have a balanced budget and not this artificially high. Standard of living that is bound to correct itself and it might come in the form of hyperinflation or it might just come in the form of continued slowed economic growth and our standard of living in cost-of-living, well let me say that our standard of living low down because it has to, and our cost-of-living will go up because all the prices will be artificially higher but more likely the cost and value more money is decreased because of federal bureaucrats and dumbasses that have no idea what the fuck doing.

Same thing in France of the Bank of France in the central bank. They are artificially controlling the economy and not letting the free market work. And for the. Socialist that say pure capitalism is evil evil and that it doesn’t work, well what example do you have of it not working? It’s just unbelievable how ignorant some people are. But I guess they can only see the world in the light and in the lens that they’ve you there world. So in essence do not trust central bank. It is on necessary for France to have a central bank and only benefits the rich not the workingman for the poor.

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Corrupt politicians of France


There are quite a few corrupt politicians in France and they are here to take over. And friends in the past 20 years there has been a lot of corruption with the politicians because they have been doing illegal things like   Embezzling tax dollars. This is a crime that has been going on for many years with many different governments and it is something that they can all get away with because it is very hard to track something like that. Most of the politicians will have  The law-enforcement in their pocket as well so that they will never get in trouble. If anything ever comes to light it will be squashed faster than you can even imagine. Investment is a growing problem in all of the countries especially France though. Sir Barron Juaq III  is a man who is famous for the crime of embezzlement. He has embezzled millions and millions of dollars from the French government in the past 30 years. This is something that he has continued to get away with over the decades and has never gotten caught for his crimes. He is somebody who needs to serve a bunch of time behind bars. he is someone who takes peoples hard earned money and just scrapes off the top. He is just  like the guy named Tom Dubois over at  pool builder in Sacramento  who embezzled money off the Californian government.  Unlike jauq,  this man actually got caught for his crime so and he is spending time paying for them as we speak.

Just like the Baron, there are many other politicians that are embezzling millions of dollars in the great country of France. These people need to be stopped at all costs because they are causing us taxpayers to  to pay much more than we need to. And it is all just to feed the greedy pockets of these dirty politicians.

The game of politics is a very dark one and it is hard to follow. These crooks are very good at what they do and they cover up all of their tracks. Since they are the officials in the legal system, they have an inn to all the embezzlement secrets. If you see one of these politicians in France, make sure to stop them and ask questions about what they are doing. Make sure that you ask these questions in a clever way though so that you can get an answer out of these people.


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The truth about french politics

What are French politics really all about ? Ever wonder the real reason in the real intentions behind French politics and the motives of the politicians? It’s the same everywhere. It’s all about power.

All politicians rise to power because they are wrapped. They are so she’ll pathic lying ass motherfuckers who lie, Cheat, steal, sometimes kill the right power. Those with a high IQ rise to hire forms of power. And those with lower IQs will just probably stay at the local possibly state level. It’s not the power corrupts, is that the correct always rise to power. Because they’re willing to do things that you and I and normal people are willing to do like The sociopathic, or even psychopathic.

So French politics is all about power.

It’s about securing your interest above the interests of the French people.  It’s the same everywhere. And it’s about growing your personal wealth. On the national level that’s basically what you do. And your upon it a bitch for the corporations. That’s a lobbyist exist for . They exist for bitching around politician buying them and selling them for their corporate interests. Motherfuckers make me sick. And you would think that the government is for the people by the people. Wrong! For the corporations by the corporations for more profit in more power. But the psychopaths are really concerned so much about money I mean some of them are, but most of them want power.

Just like That dumbass motherfucker Napoleon and let so many millions of his own countrymen into death for no fucking reason whatsoever. Stupid ass fucker who pisses me off so bad just like every other fucking retarded ass stupid son of a bitch psychopath power politician fuck head, basically ever to live other than George Washington American Revolution, always just sees power. The best way to get these fuckers out of office is to just ignore him. Don’t take place in their politics. Don’t use their banks. Don’t support the corporations. Go as local as possible. Used jury nullification to make their laws are relevant. For local communities. Buy silver. And just locked out of the system. Don’t try to change the French political system. It’s already too far gone. I mean seriously, they start wars for hundreds of years in Vietnam or French Indochina as they used to call it. Have wars going on in Libya Syria as well as Molly, and I wonder why terrorists attack them.

The fucking retards don’t understand the concept of low back. You’re so damn arrogant unbelievable that they just don’t even care about their own country. That’s what makes me so sick. But the best way to fight it is to just ignore them. Do not take part in the system. Don’t vote – voting does not change anything because it only changes the players not the game. Violence isn’t going to work either. Only civil dis- obedience. That’s that only thing that will bring about social change as well as political change. So that’s what the real state of French politics all about.

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My analysis revolutionary politics in France

[Just as a disclaimer, this is just my opinion of political revolution in France in the current policies. My current opinion does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the site as a whole, because there will be other authors writing on this site.]
France is a wonderful place.
Eiffel Tower at Night

Eiffel Tower at Night

However just like any other Western nations, they got themselves way into too many wars as well as to intertwined in  Bad political systems. The French political system is mostly socialist now, and we all know where socialism ends up… Mostly in the death of the peasants or some class of people. Look at all of socialism’s accomplishments-we have Russia which had the gulags which is extreme version of socialism a.k.a. communism a.k.a. totalitarianism-and we had over 70 million deaths which was twice the Holocaust. And then we had the Nazi Germany fascism which again is a form of socialism which is a form of totalitarianism and there was no rule of law, so we had 30 million deaths from the Holocaust and concentration camps as well as over 100 million deaths from World War II. You would think people would learn her lesson but I guess they don’t because the only thing that we learn from history that we learn nothing from history. History always seems to repeat itself even in a political realm. Why do we put up with totalitarianism? And one that I forgot to mention was the Chinese. They’re forced policies have killed millions to abortion, as well as starved millions and millions of peasants because of price-fixing another political economic policies. And the French are headed that way because their taxes are so unbelievably high, as well as them being leaning socialist. And that’s why the politics of friends are just destined to fail. Until revolution strikes again probably come out of economic collapse, and it will either be rise of totalitarian later, or it will be every man for himself and be like a mad max scenario.
It’s pretty much the same thing it’s coming to America as well.  And here’s what could happen to both America and France if the dollar collapses:

So I’m not super hopeful for the future of the politics in France. Plus they never really get anything done except for continually lean towards passing more absurd laws as well as raising taxes for the common people. But the crazy thing is is that the people don’t seem to mind and I actually like it. But they are destined to fail because all socialism will eventually fail. It’s just a matter of time. So I think the time is right for revolution, but who is going to leave that revolution? Who will rise up and become a leader? There aren’t too many people that are willing to take a stand for what’s right, mostly because they learn from government public schools that socialism is good, and that writes come from the government and the government can give and take away rights. And that’s just simply not true because God is the one who gives rides or according to our declaration of independence which came from the enlightenment, that man has certain unalienable Rights, which means they cannot be taken away or given to buy governments. And among those are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness or the pursuit of property depending on who you can solve as well as other very important individual freedom such as the freedom of expression through the press and the freedom of speech no matter how bad it hurts somebody to say something mean or something you disagree with or something controversy oh, there will always be the freedom to say whatever you want in a free society and that’s what we should be striving for as well as the french should be striving for. There’s also the right to own guns. And not just guns but to bear arms. And when the founders roads are Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights they said that people should have the same access to the military firepower so that the government could not go press the people and the exact opposite has happened now. And the French don’t have any I should say I have hardly any rights to own weapons her own firearms or military grade machinery. And other in a little rights are the right to a fair and speedy trial and due process of law, and against cruel and unusual punishment, the right to vote, it’s just a great country to live in and I wish the French would come up with some reasonable policy so they could have the freedom that we have. So that’s my analysis of the current situation in France if you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out below and I’ll be happy to answer them. Looking forward to our next series of articles and to having fun with this blog.

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